About Us

Peterborough Remaps have been remapping in the Peterborough area for the last 5 years.  We understand the way a remap works and whilst we do not write all of the maps we use we do write some in house.  We have dyno experience and can explain to you how the map will work on your vehicle and how the figures are adjusted.  For the files we do not write ourselves, we use a trusted map writer which we work with regularly, our file writer develops his maps on the dyno meaning our maps are always safe with decent power increases.

We are ever expanding both our knowledge and tools, because of this we do not send our customers away without first letting them test drive their vehicle to see if they are happy with the improvements before taking their money.  If the customer wants more, we will adjust the figures, however we will not push any vehicle past safe working limits.

As we are mechanically trained and qualified, we understand how your vehicle responds to the map, what modifications are needed to increase power past a stage one and are happy to give advice on what is the best route to achieve the power you desire.

We will never push extras and if we do not feel your vehicle will benefit from the mapping process will tell you and advise you what you can do instead.

We offer our remapping service starting at just £180 for an OBD map, which if using our interest free 4 month payment plan works out as little as £45 per month making us very competitively priced.

Peterborough Remaps are not all about the ECU. We can also offer carbon cleaning, injector cleaning, air conditioning servicing, DPF cleaning, diagnostics, headlamp restoration and mechanical advice having had over 15 years in the trade.

We are fully insured to drive and work on your vehicle.  Our insurance covers us to work on your ECU.