Carbon Cleaning (Air Intake Side)

Is your vehicle using more fuel?  Perhaps it isn't feeling as responsive as it used to?  Has is failed a recent emissions test?  Maybe a Carbon Clean is your solution!

Our carbon cleaning service is done via the air intake meaning no components of your vehicle have to be removed.  The solution goes into the combustion chamber via the air intake cleaning everything it touches on the way before finally cleaning the catalyst, DPF and exhaust system then coming out as a gas. 

This leaves for smoother running, better response, regained BHP and MPG lost from the build-up of carbon.

Carbon cleaning is not a new thing.  In the days of classic cars carbon cleaning was known as decoking the engine.  This required taking the cylinder head off to deep clean all components and took a lot of labour time to do costing a fair amount.  Technology has brought carbon cleaning in to replace this method but it works under the same theory.

One of our customer's vehicles failed emissions due to the catalytic convertor not working properly, instead of fitting an expensive catalytic convertor we offered her a carbon clean which restored it to its full working condition leaving the customer happy and saving her money!

Our carbon clean is only £48 for any vehicle.  Or why not combine a carbon clean with an injector clean for £72 a saving of £24!