DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Cleaning

Here at Peterborough Remaps we do not recommend you delete your DPF if it is blocked.  The reason for this is that your vehicle would then be classed as "not for road use" and if you are caught driving it by VOSA fines are given out with the onus on the driver to prove that a DPF is there.  As of May 2018 the MOT laws are going to be changing too which will mean any vehicle with a DPF removed will fail it's MOT.  The government are planning on bringing in test that go past just visual inspection of the DPF.

So what's the solution for a blocked DPF?  We have specialist equipment to be able to clean the DPF without removing it.  Our amazing foaming solution cleans the DPF and comes out of the exhaust as bubbles.  This reduces the ash count before allowing us to regenerate the previously blocked DPF and reset any data needed to turn the light out.

Our DPF cleaning solution is available for just £150