Dyno Tuning

Peterborough Remaps can offer Dyno tuning, this would be done as a group booking with at least 3 vehicles as the dyno we use is up near Scarborough.

Tuning on the Dyno gives you the most accurate results as we can see exactly what power your vehicle is making stock. This can also indicate any faults you may already have with your vehicle as the dyno will pick up any glitches in the performance shown before the map.  We will then read your map and edit to suite before running your vehicle back on the dyno to check the outcomes and adjust again if needed.

You will get a print out with your vehicles performance before and after the remap.

We take regular trips up to the dyno so we can perform our own developments and also assist in our file writer working on his.  Every map writer works in a different way so it is good to have different experiences to interchange ideas with and develop our work together.

Dyno tunes start from £250.

**All our software is warrantied for life and we will not take payment until we are sure you are happy with the map.

We do not place a warranty on any parts of your vehicle as although all our maps come with a free diagnostic check we cannot guarantee the quality or lifespan on your components before mapping your vehicle.

Any software update will write over your map - if this is the case we cannot put the map back on afterwards as your ECU will be on a later software than the map and they will no longer be compatible.

We recommend you inform your insurance company after a map.

***Before running your vehicle on the dyno we recommended it is in a very good condition and is up to date on any service work.  This is because your vehicle will be run at high speeds to check what performance your vehicle is truely making before and after the map.