Remap via the OBD

OBD maps are becoming more available for a range of vehicles with updates to our genuine tools happening constantly.

Generally speaking most vehicles dated between 2001-2009 are OBD with vehicles 2009 onwards usually needing to be benched.  However, there are some exceptions to this rule which is why we always ask for your full registration when we quote so we can see what ECU is on your vehicle.

Looking for big power gains?  Want a mix of power and economy?  Need that extra torque for towing? Or perhaps you need a map to help lower your emissions?  We can customise your map for what you need.

We do not charge for any extras so if your vehicle allows it we can add things such as launch control, over run pops and popcorn limiter ect.  Contact us with your full registration to see what we can offer you.

Our OBD maps start from just £180 or as little as £45 per month on the payment plan.

**All our software is warrantied for life and we will not take payment until we are sure you are happy with the map.

We do not place a warranty on any parts of your vehicle as although all our maps come with a free diagnostic check we cannot guarantee the quality or lifespan on your components before mapping your vehicle.

Any software update will write over your map - if this is the case we cannot put the map back on afterwards as your ECU will be on a later software than the map and they will no longer be compatible.

We recommend you inform your insurance company after a map.